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The Unlock Code






I’M Trevor Bachmeyer, CEO of The Spartan Army And right now, I’m the one who believes in you more than you do.

You should be winning more than you are, and the only thing winning right now are the excuses that other people have made you believe.

The world is built on the opinions of others, it’s built on distractions and noise to take away your time and life.

That heartbeat, right now, in your chest.

Yeah, thatʼs one less heartbeat than you had a moment ago.

Just a simple fucking heartbeat, except youʼre not guaranteed the next one, or the next one or the one after that.

People make noise in their own lives that hold them down and every year they look back and see theyʼre still in the same place!

You think that you’re going to live forever?


With every beat it’s one less to be successful, one less to live your best life, one less to become the highest version of yourself, one less to have the marriage, the money, the body ALL OF IT.

The life you want is the same fucking way.

One heartbeat away.

I’m your guide to becoming the best fucking version of yourself that exists!

I built this program, even just this website to share what fucking works.

I show up on social media every day with solutions, everything that Iʼve learned from the most fucked up situations all the way to the most incredible lifestyle.

All of it!

The entire purpose of this program is YOU.


I’m going to share everything, the secret that, if you ACTUALLY apply to your life, right now, this year, will become a fucking magnet for success and the life of your dreams no matter where you are right now.

This is about you, and giving you a blueprint that works, every step, every move, mapping out every minute of life in an easy way that feels as natural as breathing right now.

This is about you becoming unstoppable in EVERYTHING in your life and knowing that there’s nothing you can’t do.

Most people live simply to avoid losing. They think of what they want then constantly reduce that image until it seems ‘realisticʼ and then, talk themselves into how ‘their life isnʼt that badʼ and end up doing nothing.

They become victims, blaming their circumstances, blaming other people, blaming the world around them, all by their own decisions!

This isn’t a motivational program.


The way you do that is with DISCIPLINE AND DIRECTION.

Everyone is disciplined.

Right now, you are massively disciplined.

Except if youʼre not living your best life and if youʼre not the highest evolution of yourself RIGHT NOW, youʼre discipline is in the wrong direction.

Most people are disciplined to constantly struggle and fail.

This isnʼt about screaming affirmations at a mirror or trying to connect with your inner self.

This is about YOU dominating the fuck out of your life, giving yourself no other option except to win.

This is about getting honest with yourself.

Are you where you want to be in your life right now?

Are you living the life you want to be living right now?

If the answer is ‘noʼ

The next question is

Why the not?

What are you holding on to thatʼs holding you back?

Youʼve got a shitty job that you mindlessly go to every week.

You give the job 40-70 hours leaving this hole for passion in your heart.

Youʼve got shitty relationships all around you, that bring out the survivor in you and not the best in you.

You look at yourself in the mirror and it’s not someone who you admire.

You look at your bank account and run out of money before you run out of month.

You know you want more, every night you wish for it, and you deserve it!


Which leads me to the last question.

Why are you tolerating this in your life?

You canʼt fear the statement “what if I fail?”

You’re already failing.

Why are you afraid to let go of what you have if you donʼt want it?

So, fuck that job, fuck those people.

Don’t let anyone hold you back from being great anymore.

Are you going to get to the finish line on your terms or someone else’s?


I hear it every day from thousands of people “Iʼm completely honest with myself

No youʼre not! You know that youʼre not! You fucking know it!

Expecting the external world to change while lying to yourself about where you are, what you want and buying into limiting beliefs is costing you


How many?
How many fucking heartbeats have you got left?

Your entire world is built on what you believe that you deserve. The life you look at and wish for, instantly becomes REAL the moment that you change your mindset about YOURSELF.

I had two choices when I left the hospital.

To believe THEM.

To believe ME.

I had to suffer and struggle every day against what everyone else was telling me, against what I WAS TELLING MYSELF.

It was a fucking war in my head every minute of the day!

I had to change the way I thought, and punch through the mental barriers that were placed in my head by other people, and I had to do it FAST.

The longer the mindset of someone else remains in your head, the more that mindset controls your life.

I learned how to reflexively and easily flip the script in my own head instantly.

I had to!

I’m going to show you exactly what I did.

I went from this to this person!
If You Dont Know Me Yet,


The CEO and founder of The Spartan Army. I built this entire company to do one thing, help those around me to build the life of their dreams by becoming the best version of themselves.

I show you how to conquer your own limitations, your fears and roadblocks that have built a world that holds you for ransom every day by your own design. I teach people how to get honest and ask the right questions about the life theyʼre in versus the life that they truly want.

We expose the limiting beliefs that have created a prison instead of a life and then set targets with a proven method of hitting every one of them, and create the life that you know you fucking want.

We look at where you were, where you are, and where you are going and constantly evolve the process to get you there faster than you can imagine.

  • Post life and mindset solutions daily
  • Workout at 12:00 pm
  • Create action lists for both children
  • Stretch 22 minutes
  • Sign docs for new commercial property
  • Content (5 -7 minute content pieces)
  • Date night Friday with my wife, made her feel like a Queen being taken out by a King
  • Taught my daughter how to change lanes as she learns to drive
  • Taught my son how to change the oil in the truck
  • Spent an incredible Saturday on our farm having fun
  • On track in our company to consistently earn 750K monthly
  • Ran 1 mile in under a minutes WITH ONE FUCKING LUNG
  • Connected with my daughter with an honest conversation about her life and frustrations
  • Wrote the second last chapter in my book
  • Spent a lot of time close to my wife, romantic, intimate, loving
  • Did 2 mastermind calls for clients this weekend, full house

Diana Pfit
Diana Pfit
My shoulder had a horrible stabbing pain. I went to my doctor and they said I had bicep tendonitis back in 2020. I was given 2 sets of cortisone shots in a 6 month span, but I still kept getting progressively worse.. last year, I went to a chiro that said it was my C5.. anyway long story short nothing worked I could only sleep flat on my back to turn felt like a knife stabbing my shoulder. I used to compete in bodybuilding and it got to the point that a lot of upper body training was limited to certain movements. I had to go super light on my weight training and omit some exercises for almost 2 yrs.. Within a few weeks of doing what Dr. Trevor Bachmeyer said to do, for the first time in 2 years my shoulder starter to feel better. It’s been 5 months now I am pain free, back at 💯and stronger than before! Hands down Dr. Trevor is the best and a godsend, I recommend him to everyone!
Anthony M
Anthony M
Working with Trevor is one of the best things I had decided to do. He gives a solid workout program, you will learn discipline after you see what it takes to keep doing the workouts and keeping up with nutrition. I feel like im trainning for a fight! Also he is answering all your questions directly, dont let a big following on social media fool you! He is right beside you and its giving advice. My recommendation: dont think you will be carried every second. Do the work and Adjust as you go! Ask questions!
Steven R
Steven R
This program is very unique, it is very well balanced and is adjusted in case you have injuries. Trevor answers all the questions in case you have an injury and your progression is guaranteed. You also have access to a great q/a call. Nobody provides this kind of service.
30 min mom Fitness
30 min mom Fitness
I have been following Trevor on social media for years. After hitting a plateau with my personal fitness and my fitness business I reached out to Trevor. It's been a month now and not only has he given me tips and help on growing my business but also been amazing coach with my own personal health and fitness goals. His Saturday zoom calls are the best. Highly recommend!
Heather Allen
Heather Allen
Trevor has been an absolute inspiration and firebrand in my training. His programming is intense and hard but doable with a Spartan mindset. He is available to answer questions and help with overall protocols including supplementation and nutrition. I would absolutely recommend him if you are looking to go to the next level.
Nick Quintero
Nick Quintero
Coach Bachmeyer’s program is awesome! It has the perfect program blend of strength, movement, and mobility. It is not just a random program put together, he is a doctor. Everything we do has a purpose and if you have any lingering issues he can actually address it. Most of all, he is an example to follow, which speaks the most to me. I recommend 100%.
Aaron Faulds
Aaron Faulds
Wow what can I say, Trevor's Spartan program delivers everything that he promises and more. I reached out to Trevor because I wasn't happy with the direction I was heading with my health. I was not happy with the example that I was setting for my family members. (I was living in the past thinking that I was fitter than I was). The support and feedback is always available for any questions or advise on technique, or life in general. Trevor is good at reminding you as to why you started this program. I follow his program from here in Austraila and even with the time difference I have always received a quick follow up. You have to be prepared to go all in on this program as you get out of it what you put into. ( Just like life). To be honest the fitness side has only been a nice added benefit. The program has gave me back my drive and youth, I have become a better family member to my family, both mentally and physically.
Focus. Relax. Meditate.
Focus. Relax. Meditate.
Worth every penny. Trevor goes beyond what other fitness apps and trainers provide. Plus it’s Smashwerx!! I’m getting more out of the workouts and the whole experience than I thought I would. Just sign up.
isiah this was awsome gault
isiah this was awsome gault
It’s not often that you realize that you need someone to be up front an honest with you. Some people think it may hurt their feelings, not me. I got to a point in my life after 4 surgeries in 6 months that I needed a wake up call. I was 205 pounds, athletic, lean and a fighting machine. I started to use the injuries and ailments to slack off. My health declined stomach issues flared up secondary injuries occurred on the regular. I reached out to Trevor who I knew would smack me straight and get back on track. Although, I knew he was good. I did not expect him to flip my life for the better in multiple aspects. What started off with physical health and healing turned into wealth advice, hormonal tips, life inspiration and even helped with my marriage. Today, I stand tall on the upward swing in health because of Trevor. He has been a great rehab/ trainer for me and even better friend to me and my family. I’d recommend Trevor to any of my ARMY/ LE or anyone who is looking to be their best self.
Brandon Choplin
Brandon Choplin
This dude is real as it gets. I called him F$&@ed up with a meniscus tear struggling to find a solution. My body didn’t move correctly from hard bjj training with a lack of self care. I needed help! Trev dialed in my program IMMEDIATELY! when I called him. We talked over the phone in real time and he went to straight work. The man lives it just like he says it. P.S. I’m a man with a full time construction job,3 kids and a wife with all the bills. Real Talk the man is worth every penny. Thank you Trev!!

The Spartan Army isnʼt a workout program, itʼs a lifestyle and a tested blueprint that works. Each one of the reviews above, are from real people who applied exactly what was designed for them, then took every action required, applied their marching orders they received and are focused on winning for themselves and those around them.

The mindset, the philosophy, the brand Iʼve built, isnʼt a workout company, it never has been.

The Spartan Army is a set of five rules to apply to every area of your life, a filter to strain every action through, that, when applied, will give you predictable wins and create the dream life you want.

Every action you take, is either bringing you closer towards your targets or taking you further away from them.

What weak people do, is adjust the target to match an impotent energy output.

They never live the life they want.

They never stack wins.

They reduce and tear away strength from THEMSELVES.

The REAL ones, want more.

I learned that through everything that I had to do in order to level up my own life, the blueprint I created through countless failures taught me the importance of having a process that works every time.

This is the process.

The only things left are fear and doubt.

Fear is about playing to win.

Doubt is about playing not to lose.

Just click the button below and choose your path, to become the best version of yourself. My purpose is to support you in the best way possible to help you reach your full potential in EVERYTHING.

Are you going to get to the finish line on your terms or someone else’s?